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Political donations point to pivotal election

Elections swing back and forth, but the race for campaign cash from the auto industry is typically no contest. Republican nominees for president have raked in seven-figure sums from auto industry donors in each election cycle since 2000. This year is different.

Losing the car key

The latest evolution in car keys is on its way -- no car key at all. The future of vehicle entry and engine start is in your smartphone.

Hachigo says Honda is just fine on its own

Suddenly, Honda looks like the odd man in Japan. Toyota just added Suzuki to its growing stable of partners, and Nissan is poised to take control of Mitsubishi. Meanwhile, Honda is left by its lonesome in the face of industry consolidation.

Why we're investing in Mitsubishi

When Mitsubishi Motors Corp. CEO Osamu Masuko came to meet with me in April to ask for Nissan's support to restore the engineering organization and revive the company, we knew that forming a strategic alliance made financial and operational sense for both of our companies.

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