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Thrifty Certified ... Complete Peace of Mind


At Thrifty Car Sales, we're as selective about the vehicles we offer as our customers are about the vehicles they buy. That's why every Thrifty Certified® vehicle must pass an extensive systematic inspection before it can fly the Thrifty Certified® flag. And if a vehicle flies the Thrifty Certified® flag, then our customers can rest assured: it's backed by either the balance of the factory warranty or a Thrifty Certified® limited warranty (see dealer for details).


From the odometer to the engine block, our Thrifty Certified® inspection ensures both our dealers and our customers of vehicle quality. Here's what it takes to be a Thrifty Certified® vehicle:



* Odometer reading is supported by the general condition of the vehicle.

* Lube sticker or maintenance logs support mileage.

* Oil and oil filter have been changed prior to sale.



Engine* block, cylinder heads, intake and exhaust manifolds have been checked for cracks and corrected.

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Ford is offering customers that come to your dealership to have this recall performed a rebate towar

e2v’s cost efficient DiViiNA and full specification AViiVA 2 series of line scan cameras are now available with a Gigabit Ethernet interface. e2v’s AViiVA 2 EM1 camera, featuring the latest generation of e2v sensors, delivers a new level of performance and image quality to machine vision and other industrial applications, whilst DiViiNA LM1 offers outstanding value and choice for mid-range machine vision applications.

The AViiVA 2 EM1 is the first 4k pixel line scan camera available with a Gigabit Ethernet interface at a line rate of 28kHz; 54kHz when the 2k version is released. EM1 features an unmatched 68dB dynamic range, responsivity at minimum gain of 164 DN/ (nJ/cm2) and an extremely low level of Pixel Response Non Uniformity (PRNU), not exceeding 3%. These specifications ensure optimum performance when short integration times are needed or when illumination is limited.

The DiViiNA LM1 incorporates the proven quality of 1024, 2048 and 4096 pixel sensors and is designed specifically to deliver the optimum solution to machine vision system integrators under cost reduction pressure, whilst seeking to maintain high end CCD performance. The new Gigabit Ethernet interface gives further cost reduction opportunities at the machine vision system level, as well as multi-cast capabilities and enhanced ease of use.

Both new cameras embed an advanced GPIO that meets with the latest Genicam standard and SNFC v1.2.1, delivering a versatile solution and the interoperability to deal with peripheral components such as trigger signal generators. A Packet resend feature also ensures that each single packet is delivered to the acquisition platform. Finally, a user friendly software package includes iPORT PureGEV suite from Pleora as well as standard/high performance drivers.

“A Gigabit Ethernet interface is becoming a more popular option for machine vision camera systems as, unlike a Camera Link interface, there is no need for a frame grabber, as image a

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Warranty Processing, Inc.

Ford: 09S09 Cruise Control Deactivation Swith

Ford is offering customers that come to your dealership to have this recall performed a rebate towards Ford or Motorcraft parts purchases. Ford is encouraging all dealers to perform a multi-point inspection on all vehicles that come into your service department to minimize the inconvience to these customers who have the recall performed. Offer customers the opportunity to take advantage of these rebates towards the purchase of any parts for repairs. This rebate will not be administered through the warranty administration process. There is a rebate redemption form included with the all dealer letter sent out on 08/14/2009 with mailing address for customer reimbursement.

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Ready Productions, Inc. d/b/a The Ready Group

Ready Productions Recieves 2008 Stevie Award

At Ready Productions, we are dedicated to providing our clients with industry-leading interactive direct marketing campaigns that “Drive Measurable Results”. This summer we were thrilled to receive the Stevie Finalist Award for "Best Direct Response for Direct Mail" by the 2008 American Business Awards in recognition of our the successful campaign we created, produced & distributed on behalf of Volvo Cars, NA.

Dan Ready, CEO of Ready Productions reflected on receiving such prestigious recognition by saying “This Stevie Award is a testament to the efforts of the dedicated, enthusiastic & talented members of our organization who consistently create & produce direct marketing initiatives that exceed our clients’ expectations. We dedicate this award to those clients who after 14 years, continue to challenge us everyday and trust that we will deliver measurable results just when they need it the most.

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Pro Count West

Pro Count West Earns Endorsement from Arizona Auto Dealer's Association

Pro Count West, L.L.C., a national company specializing in Parts Department related work for New Vehicle Franchises was proud to be named one of very few companies in Arizona endorsed by the Arizona Automobile Dealer's Association.  The news was released in late March, as Pro Count West and the AADA entered into an exclusive agreement with Pro Count West providing and administering services to AADA members for Physical Inventories, Consulting, Training and Buy/Sell Inventories. 

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Software Advantage Consulting Corporation

ES Version - Shows Progress at Individual Operation Level

A new enhancement to the ES Version of Auto Scheduler Advantage shows progress on individual processes/operations.
By clicking on the operation on the schedule list the users can change the status of individual operations. You can go from in-process (Yellow) to Completed (Green) at the individual operation level. This helps managers see the detailed progress of a car whether it be accessories installation, reconditioning or any other schedule.

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Software Advantage Consulting Corporation

Scheduling of Pending Deliveries/Dealer Locates

We have just added the Scheduling of Pending Deliveries to Auto Scheduler Advantage. This new feature places the list of Dealer Trades or Locates (Incoming Pending Deliveries) within easy reach of your sales people. While they are watching the status of their customer deliveries, they will be able to easily check the status of Locates.

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Software Advantage Consulting Corporation

Service Scheduler Plug-in for your dealer website

We've just added a Service Scheduler plug-in that can be added to your dealer website with just a few lines of code. This plug-in allows your customers to create an account, add their vehicles and submit service requests. They will be able to select any number of service items, with and without pricing to produce a printed estimate. They can print this estimate and a copy of it will be emailed to the designated service people at your dealership. Additionally a text message will appear on the phones of your designated personnel notifying them of the service request.

Call 586-264-5632 for more details.

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Media One


Media One will be at the NADA Show in Las Vegas! To setup an appointment to meet contact Nathan Latimer : or 954-990-2446.

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