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VW's global boss on more U.S. production, profits and independence

• 11/12/2018

Volkswagen Group CEO Herbert Diess is turning to an American, Scott Keogh, to make key regional decisions as the VW brand mounts a comeback in the U.S.

Why it's hard to join, harder to leave No. 1 dealership
• 10/15/2018

A strict candidate screening process makes it tough to land a job at...

'Safe' stores, charitable giving lift dealership group
• 10/8/2018

Dealer Gregg Kunes has created a secure and spirited workplace for...

Dealer's $1B revenue plan: Grow with OEMs, Wahlberg
• 9/17/2018

Michigan dealer Jay Feldman is playing nice with automakers and...

Ford body shop boss: We 'grow our own' techs
• 9/3/2018

Bill Brown Ford near Detroit doesn't have to search high and low for body shop technicians.

How subscriptions spice up the auto retail experience
• 8/13/2018

A member of Prime Motor Group's vehicle subscription program in suburban Boston can move a kid to college with a Ford pickup and 'flip' to a Porsche for a night on the town within a matter of hours.

Rising retailers refuse to take no for an answer
• 7/16/2018

Immerse yourself in the automotive industry and adapt to change. Those are two of the career tips from the 2018 40 Under 40 retail class.

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New Honda boss on joining the auto business, avoiding incentives, staying in Calif.
• 6/4/2018

American Honda's new automobile division chief, Henio Arcangeli Jr.

How the maker of Peugeots plans to return to the U.S.
• 5/21/2018

Former Nissan and TrueCar executive Larry Dominique is devising PSA's decade-long return to the U.S.

Toyota's Lentz on sticking with cars, avoiding pickup overbuilds, being ready for EVs
• 5/14/2018

Toyota North America CEO Jim Lentz says the automaker is eyeballing opportunities in passenger cars as rivals exit the segment.

Chevy store's 'bucket tour' aids sales-to-service handoff
• 4/30/2018

Vandergriff Chevrolet in Arlington, Texas, doesn't want to fumble the handoff of a sales customer to the parts and service departments.

Keeping Saabs on road with original parts, service
• 4/16/2018

Saab may be dead, but it has loyal fans who strive to keep their cars in pristine condition. Orio North America is keeping those aging cars on the road with original equipment parts and a network of official service centers.

Honda store's oil-change assembly line targets independents
• 4/9/2018

Motorcars Honda was losing oil-change customers to speedy independent garages. That's why the Cleveland-area dealership built a 100-foot-long, express-service assembly line.

Toronto dealer builds vertically to offset high land prices
• 4/2/2018

Shahin Alizadeh says soaring property prices in big cities will only "get worse."


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